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<Instinct>  is a casual guild on Anetheron with a mix of all kinds of players. Along with our core 10 man progression group, we also have people online and willing to run heroics, do quests, and even the occasional Vanilla or Burning Crusade run. Our officers are online and ready to take any questions. Though we are mostly raiding based, we are here to fit your schedule, and will change raid dates if most of our raiders agree to the switch. If interested, please apply on our forums, or whisper Elegance, Bugzapper, or Lindarr in game for an interview over Ventrillo. Thank you for looking into <Instinct>!
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Phoenix Runs

MissKris16, Sep 10, 11 10:53 PM.
We're very close to our Dark Phoenix, and I would like to personally thank all of you who made Friday run so smooth. It may be old content, but it's wonderful seeing people committed enough to have joined mid-raid. I very much appreciate it.

The Rise of

MissKris16, Sep 6, 11 6:27 PM.

Hi there future raiders, i'm Elegance, but my friends call me Kris. I established this guild with the hope of raiding success and friendly relationships in a tight-knit group of guildies. I'd like nothing more than to see us rise to the top with the help of everyone here, including yourself. If you are interested in us, you can apply here on our Application forums. Thank you for checking out <Instinct>. Happy hunting!
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Anetheron (PvP)
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